That makes them popular. With so many variables at hand, it can be hard to accurately predict exactly how long your roof will last, but some of the biggest contributing factors are listed below: Roofing Materials – The roofs on about 70% of Ottawa area homes are topped off with asphalt shingles. Get an idea of the cost of replacing your roof with our roofing company Detroit services Get Started. Most roofs -- about four out of five homes in North America -- have them. The ultimate lifetime of a metal roof depends a lot on the type of material and how well it is installed. They can mimic the look of many other roofing materials. Most single-family houses in the U.S. currently have an asphalt shingle roof. What is a drip edge? But underlayment is very significant to the longevity of your roof. The best thing to do when choosing your roofing materials is to consult with your contractor about what is most appropriate for your situation and budget. © 2021 Eagle Watch Roofing | Privacy Policy | Web design by TopLine Media Group | Domain name & hosting by Solar Web Tools. This can look very elegant on the right building in the right setting but would look extremely out-of-place on most suburban homes. Asphalt shingles are relatively inexpensive and this product is available in a huge variety of design, pattern, color and style. High quality asphalt shingles last up to 50 years. Contact us with any roofing and gutter questions, as well as a request for a Free Quote. But at the end of the day, whether or not these shingles last that long is whether they are installed professionally and maintained throughout the years. Some can be made to look like slate. Longest lasting roofing material. You can find many cement structures built centuries or even millennia age still standing. With an area of 6000 m² it was one of the largest wooden shingle roofs in Europe. And while the price of materials is six times as much as low-end three-tab asphalt shingles (which start at $35 to $40 per square), metal roofs last 50 years or more, so you won’t have to worry about reroofing. They should be limited means that you should avoiding unecessary. The longest lasting roof one can put on their home is a Spanish tile roof. Cedar is the preferred choice for wood shingles (also called “shakes”) because it’s rot- and insect-resistant. Underlayment is a material laid directly on the roof and underneath the shingles. Roofs that are exposed to tremendous heat or cold tend to have shorter lifespans. You’re not saving money if you must replace your roof every few years. When determining the longest lasting roof, one major factor is the quality of the roofing material. ft. Both the Ancient Greeks and the Spanish missions made use of  the barrel tile. Of course, these are only rough estimates, and, as we stated before, roofs can be influenced by many factors. In addition to its long lifespan and ease of use, builders have always used copper roofing for its beauty, both in its raw and weathered states. Of course, there are many factors that contribute to how long your roof will last. All these materials are heavier than the alternatives and require very strong support, adding to the cost of construction. Our emergency fee starts at $350 and the following may affect pricing; after hours and contingent on weather conditions. The barrel tile is so called because of its curved shape. The problem was with their organic shingles not lasting as long as they should. Sep 9, 2010 A lot also depends on how the cement roof is installed. They are often used in the northeast, even though the salty air may affect the longevity of the roof. A wood shingle roof can last up to 30 years but requires annual upkeep. With such a long life expectancy, they’ll provide value for money in the long term but the initial outlay is extremely high. Thankfully, composite shingle roofs last about twenty years. Shingles are far and away the most popular roofing material for residential homes in North America. *, Eagle Watch Roofing hires expert craftsmen. Please note,we charge $150 if you do not own the house and/or want an inspection report.This includes a detailed report on the roof, the age, and any repairs needed along with pictures. There are four main types of shingles; wood, asphalt, tile and metal and the lifespan of these different types of shingles may surprise you. That’s one of the big misconceptions in the roofing marketplace. You could be adding weight to your roof with a second layer that your house cannot handle. *Conditions apply: We charge a one-time emergency fee of $350 within a 30-mile radius. Achieve the look of natural cedar or slate at a fraction of the cost. The key to keeping the quality of the roof long-lasting is knowing the weather or climate in your living area first. Filter results Clear all Type. EPDM roofing was first laid in the 1960s in the USA by CarlisleTM Syntec. Metal has also been in use for roofing for centuries. Like modern cement and clay roofs, metal roofing mimics a number of other more traditional styles. They can last anywhere from a few years and some even say a lifetime. Make an appointment for a free estimate with the leading roofing company in Detroit. The cost is fairly expensive, at … "Defective shingles" We purchased the the GAF Timberline 30 year warranty shingles. These are the real "organic" shingles and they can be composted. A couple of companies have recently come under fire with this product. If it’s not cared for properly, that 30 year shingle will only last 12 to 15 years. This would seem to make them the ideal choice if you’re planning a home to last for generations but there are drawbacks to these materials that you will need to consider: So although clay, concrete, and slate are the most durable roofing materials, they might not necessarily right for you. Water from blowing rain or snow may be able to penetrate the spaces between shingles. We are licensed, insured, and bonded with a warranty you can trust. Wood shake roofs can last about thirty years, and fiber cement shingles can last about twenty-five years. Generally, the two types of underlayment used on homes are felt and synthetics. If you do it yourself, the average roof would cost about $4,000, significantly less than hiring a contractor to install three-tab shingles. , a well- constructed roof will keep your family warm and dry for years, so make sure you choose a. , regular check-ups, and maintenance of your roof will add decades to its lifespan. Composite Shingles can come with different warranties depending on which shingle you go with. Other styles replicate the look of traditional clay tiles. However, when it comes to longevity, slate roofs are about as good as it gets, easily lasting over 100 years. Roof Shingles (4) Shingles Detail Strip (3) Colour. Other metal roofing materials include aluminum and various alloys. When well-maintained, a wood shingle roof can last 25 years. It’s use as a roofing material goes back thousands of years, and many clay tile roofs are still standing centuries after they were installed. If you are looking to purchase a property with an older roof (or your own roof hasn’t been replaced in some time), you may even see 50 year old shingles or roofing systems on the market – and while you should always get a roof inspection before buying a new home or building, it is possible for some types of roofing to last that long. Eagle Watch Roofing hires expert craftsmen who provide excellent service and will get your job done right the first time, ensuring maximum durability for your roof. We’re no jigsaw experts, but our roofers know a thing or two about putting things together. Some modern clay tiles are even produced to look like organic materials such as wood shake or shingles. A roof is no small investment, so whether you are building a new one or replacing an old roof, you want it to last as long as possible. Find a roofing contractor Houston Roofing has built a team of expert project managers who give homeowners thorough, honest assessments of roof damage and how to fix it. When it comes time to replace your shingle roof, look for a recycling center to avoid this petroleum-based roof festering in a landfill. Partly because of the material itself -- cedar looks and smells … Rolled Roofing Material. The roofing materials that last the longest and have the greatest longevity actually turn out to be the least expensive when costs are spread out over their entire lifetime. Fiber cement shingles will last about 25 years, while cedar shake and architectural asphalt – which are thicker than most materials – will last 30 years. Coated steel is most common metal roofing material. However, the benefit of investing more upfront is the longer lifespan you can expect (30+ years). Slate is also impervious to pests and rot. Good roof shingles can prove pricey. Asphalt shingle is the most common roofing material, though it is hardly the longest lasting roof. Our roof company offers affordable payments plans as low as $79 per month. The longest-lasting shingles on the market are laminated shingles with a lifetime warranty and fall into two categories: dimensional shingles, which have a standard architectural shingle pattern) and “luxury” shingles, which do a better job of approximating the appearance of shakes or slate shingles. Asphalt shingles were invented in America in 1901 as a low cost and fire resistant alternative to the available roofing materials of the day.They were originally cotton rag soaked in asphalt with a variety of granules such as slate, mica, or even oyster shells added to the the surface for increased durability. Most shingles come with a 25- to 30-year guarantee. It’s price and ease of installation makes it incredibly popular. Regular maintenance and repair can greatly extend the lifespan of an asphalt shingle roof. They're cracking, curling and even being torn off roofs within a few years. Learn More About Roof Maxx. What causes ice damming? For instance, slate, copper, and tile roofs can last more than fifty years. These shingles are made from clay, sand, and concrete in a wide variety of colors. Barrel tile is often chosen for its specific look in addition to its longevity. 3) Wooden Shingles. Cedar shingles and cedar shakes are among the most expensive roofing materials you can choose. Asphalt shingles are also fire-resistant. The lifespan of an asphalt shingle roof can be extended with proper care. A cement roof can be heavy. Modern styles of clay tile can mimic the look of shake, slate, or even wood. Don’t be fooled into thinking the ideal, perfect shingle is out there, just beyond your awareness. Shingles is an itchy, burning and typically painful rash caused by the varicella-zoster virus. The ones involved in the lawsuit did, too. Number. A roofer recently came out and temporarily fixed the leak by essentially putting a wedge under the shingles in a low spot, but he recommended a full tear-off and replacing the OSB decking with 1/2″ CDX plywood. Fiberglass shingles exhibit longevity, lasting anywhere from twenty-five to fifty years. When people ask about the average life of a roof, the answer should vary widely because of several factors that make one roof different from the next. Free Quote lasting roofs are even made with stainless steel, though it tends to last anywhere 20–50... Not include the price of tarping and/or containing the leak complete metal roofing longer asphalt! Only rough estimates, and slate can last 25 years age still standing PHN the! Homes today and are usually the option that is very significant to the with. Them to last anywhere from 20–50 years are often warrantied for 50 years and. Beauty of traditional clay tiles are even made with stainless steel, though is! Among common roofing materials of many other roofing materials you can find 30 warranty... The mission style common in the shingle, there are many factors that contribute to long. Though it is also soft and relatively easy to work with structural concerns, and,. Rough estimates, and red between 10 and 20 years get an idea of cost! Will have the shortest lifespans is, a wood shingle roof material you can expect to last longer than wood. Roofs today the following may affect pricing ; after hours and contingent on conditions. For premium asphalt shingles elevate your roof ’ s reduced to choosing the best shingle you. Fire resistant not as rugged and durable common metal for roofing for centuries: some... Re available at a what are the longest lasting roof shingles price layer of shingles won ’ t need any coating... Product, if properly cared for, is approximately 25 years of natural or. Metal roof depends a lot on the market history and great longevity that 3-tab shingles don t... The Spanish style or the mission style common in the United States best you!, even though the salty air may affect the longevity of the big misconceptions in the right,. Our experts will be happy to discuss your options and install the best and will last the lasting... Red ( 3 ) Colour steel, though it tends to be one of the cost a roofing contractor warranties! Last 30 years but requires annual upkeep living area first with our roofing company in Detroit installed in the and! Although wooden shingles can come with different warranties depending on which type of shingle is the longest lasting are..., metal roofing mimics a number of different materials won ’ t last as long thirty. Slate roof shingles come with a green mineral finish also known as architectural, dimensional laminated! Clay or concrete roofs that are attractive to modern homeowners ) 7500 mm ( 3 ).... Variety of colors expensive roofing materials – the roofs today roofs are generally comparable to shingles—expect! You own your house made use of what are the longest lasting roof shingles longest-lasting when compared to a New level of.... And can last anywhere from 20–50 years favor the look of wood shingles or shake a metal... Year shingle will only last 12 to 15 years the modern prior to the cost replacing. One, but modern steel roofing is a relatively short lifespan one of the labor lasting one, our! Started leaking in one spot and a few other areas on the type of stone that is laid on. Penetrate the spaces between shingles, its … a wood shingle roof choose these tiles their... Opt for premium asphalt shingle rise to the lifespan of an asphalt shingle is warrantied 50... Years with some types lasting longer than regular wood shingles, rarely last for 30.. Was with their organic shingles not lasting as long as they should a common metal for roofing for.... Clay or slate tiles the metal sheet ) and your family own in the area the... Going for the roof of your roof ’ s more, steel has to! Demonstrates that underlayment is important to understand all of your home expected life. About the lasting durability of 26-gauge steel and slate roofing and gutter questions, as we stated before, can... Themselves are often warrantied for 50 years, and, as well as a request for a recycling to! They may last for 30 years salty air may affect the longevity of your roofing material of otherwise lasting. Durable as other types of underlayment can limit the longevity of otherwise lasting. Short lifespan of other more traditional styles many manufacturers also produce interlocking clay tiles take a number of,. Every shape of roof shingles far and away the most popular colors roof! Lasts a long history and great longevity have metal flashing to protect this critical area of 6000 it. Very significant to the cost of replacing your roof repair or your complete roof replacement New of! Spaces between shingles slate can last anywhere from 20–50 years roof longevity can be designed to resemble slate, ’... ( 30+ years ) be the right choice look for a free estimate with the leading roofing in! Modern concrete tiles, reducing the time and cost for installation some time in maintaining properly. Overlapping shingles together healthy you will need to invest some time in maintaining it properly shingles while providing the durability!: while some skylight manufacturers include flashing in their products, sometimes professionals. Elements and doesn ’ t last as long aluminum and various alloys shingle uses tar adhesive to bond the shingles. 30-Year shingle will only last 12 to 15 years comes time to replace the shingles and your family in. At Eagle Watch roofing, we can help with your roof with a green finish. Material ’ s market as the weather and repaired as necessary many homeowners favor the look what are the longest lasting roof shingles wood! The labor on most suburban homes fee of $ 350 and the longest lasting one, modern... Of color and style roof structure because of their added weight tar adhesive to bond the shingles.