Christmas NiGHTs Review (Sega Saturn, 1996), The Legend of Zelda: A Link To The Past Review (Super Nintendo, 1992), Iggy’s Reckin’ Balls Review (Nintendo 64, 1998), Final Fantasy II Review (Super Nintendo, 1991), Super Mario Bros. 3 Review (Nintendo, 1990), Super Mario All-Stars + Super Mario World Review (Super Nintendo, 1994), Skies of Arcadia Review (Sega Dreamcast, 2000), Suikoden II Review (Sony PlayStation, 1999), Ultimate Guide to the Best Import PC-Engine Games, NES Vs. Sega Master System: An 8-bit Console Comparison. Is it worth picking up at all? Billy Bayou’s Adventure is decent graphically. Of course, each of the levels in Bayou Billy are unnecessarily difficult and poorly balanced. Review criteria are concept, gameplay, graphics, etc. Game music of the day: The Adventures of Bayou Billy. vgmrsepitome's Review of Mad City. Unfortunately the scaling is rather choppy but comparable to other similar titles on the NES with small poles on both sides of the road. And Bayou Billy takes that concept to a new level, with players switching between the NES controller for brawler levels, to the Zapper for shooting-gallery levels, and back to the controller for the jeep-driving levels. Truly. Your email address will not be published. I popped in Bayou Billy expecting a relatively high-quality game. There are nine levels in all: five brawlers, two shooters, and two driving levels. The Adventures of Bayou Billy is one of the most notorious NES games for being almost impossible to beat. It's all squandered. I had never played it until this week, and it’s time to give this swamp-crawl a try, and an honest review. As such the game can be considered broken and/or not enjoyable. Partly though, the verdict is based on the dumbed-down gameplay I outlined earlier. The bosses are the most impressive with large detailed sprites. The most impressive part of this game on the audio side is that it features a few real voice clips. It's just not fair. Enemies approach from either off-screen or appear behind obstacles, and you have to gun them down using the zapper. AQWBlaZer91's Review of Mad City. Which is strange, right? You should check it out.Bayou Billy is actually the game that inspired this article, so I … The soundtrack is decent, but there’s little variety to it. Library. Even as a seasoned gamer I didn’t stand a chance until I tried using my turbo controller, and even then it was a constant struggle. And the brawling portions of the game are simply not on par with other brawlers of the time like Double Dragon or P.O.W. The Adventures of Bayou Billy Review (NES) - Awesome Video Game Memories The Adventures of Bayou Billy Review (NES) - Awesome Video Game Memories (Battle Geek Plus) from Battle Geek Plus - Press Start To AWESOME! It was never something I was particularly interested in because the theme wasn’t particularly captivating. Log in. It’s from Konami, after all. Next up we have light-gun sequences that actually use the zapper. In Bayou Billy, it doesn’t seem you can knock enemies down at all unless they’re dead. These are scratchy, but I imagine they blew players’ minds back in the olden days. By Larry_Oji, OverClocked ReMix Special guest entry! Since it’s a widely accepted fact that when it comes to action games we American gamers are veritable supermen compared to our nerdy,