How in-depth is the town info in your long trail app. If you like water, the trail offers constant swimming opportunities, waterfalls, and flowing rivers to lull hikers to sleep. You app. Tasmania, Australia | 30 miles | US$3.99 Full Guide. Russell Bridge (GPS Coordinates – 34.919484, -83.168664): There is a small car park on the GA side of the bridge. The “Trail News” section allows you to share big and little news about the trail. Day 2 found me hiking in the cold rain for most of the day. Colorado, USA | 485 miles | $19.99 Full Guide. The trail is primarily used for hiking, camping, and backpacking and is best used from March until November. The Jordan Trail runs from the Fertile Crescent to the Arabian Desert and Red Sea, traveling through many villages, vast natural beauty, and vivid history. 100 miles of hiking? App looks great, I can’t wait to use it this weekend! There is a total of 13794 feet of ascent and 14644 feet of descent if you’re hiking from south to north. Guthook Guides. I have decided to carry an 8x10 tarp (cuben fiber) that weighs 6 ounces (again packing my fears). I’m currently working with my partners, Paul and Alice Bodnar, to update our Pacific Crest Trail data, and once that’s done we’ll upgrade the PCT apps to the new software with elevation profiles and all that good stuff. 4.8 ★★★★★ | 15K+ Reviews. Torres del Paine includes the "O" and "W" routes of Torres del Paine National Park in the heart of Chilean Patagonia. Florida Trail. Guthook is one of them. You can write in the “trail register” for each waypoint to share info and snarky comments. In case you missed it, Atlas Guides just released Janapar Trail hiker's guide on the Guthook app -- you can download it for FREE. Upgrades for life, and all of the trail updates come with the initial purchase. Traveling from Reno to South Lake Tahoe, the … has all the details and updates I will need. N1- Little Yosemite Valley (must stay there due to permit) N2-Cathedral Lake N3-Lyell Fork Bridge N4-Garnet Lake N5-Red's Meadow N6-Purple Lake/Lake Virginia N7-VVR (Vermillion Valley Resort) N8-Marie Lake N9-McClure Meadow N10-Palisade Creek N11-Lake Majorie N12-Rae Lakes N13-Shepards Pass Trail N14-Guitar Lake I just purchased a map pack and I’m having a hard time finding my starting point for a trip I am going to with my friends this weekend. I … Maine, USA | 179 miles | $9.99 Full Guide. For a search feature, try the waypoint lists in the data book section– if you go to the very top of the “all waypoints” list, there’s a search bar that narrows down the waypoints by name. Once again, the ice-covered snow gleamed in the sunshine and views of the mountains were magnificent. If you've followed our past hikes then you will most likely remember that in 2018 for our 3rd PT hike and our 2nd Foothills Trail thru hike we opted to go stove less. The afternoon spent here was one of my favorites on the trail. Our 2016 Flip-Flop Thru-Hike of the Appalachian Trail. AR & OK, USA | 223 miles | $9.99 Full Guide. Northern England | 192 miles | US$8.99 Full Guide. Regards, Fast Fox 12-27-2015, 08:34 #2. These posts, reassembled from notes and photos on the trail, refer to that trip. The Guthook Pacific Crest Trail Guide by Guthook is an excellent application that compliments the already useful and handy nature of my iPhone, making it an even more valuable trail companion. The Long Trail is the oldest long-distance hiking trail in the United States. Uncle Tom’s Triple Crown → 20 comments on “ Guthook’s Guide to the Appalachian Trail ” Jean Rogers on March 8, 2013 at 9:41 AM said: What a great App. It maps and lists 303 important hiker waypoints along the LT such as water sources, shelters, tenting sites, road crossings, resupply locations, and may others. Start Date- July 12, will use GutHook to get updates on water. Of course, the most asked-for feature of the apps that I had last year was elevation profiles, and those are here as well! The Rest of the Appalachian Trail for Guthook’s Guides ; AT Hiker App Progress ; Posts navigation ← Sandwich Dome, 3/2/13. Our Guthook Guides smartphone apps feature world-class hikes, wilderness regions, and trails from all over the world. The Foothills Trail does not actually traverse the summit of Pinnacle Mountain, rather, the trail terminates/begins (depending on your direction of travel) .2 miles short of the summit. Wisconsin, USA | 1200 miles | $24.99 Full Guide. Te Araroa is truly an experience of all aspects of New Zealand – historic, cultural, and natural. What I was looking for lapsed over onto the next set of map in MA, by a few inches literally. Desert Island and is home to miles of trails, woodlands, and rocky beaches. The ladies of the JMT facebook page peeps were also gentle and kind about suggesting stuff to ditch.” Pints & Paths Schedule. From this comment, it seems that once you purchase sections you have access to all of the upgrades. That area is near Summit Village, a condominium development that caters to the local ski resorts. I spent a huge amount of time during the COVID lockdown pouring over maps and cross-referencing USGS topo maps with Google Earth imagery in an effort to find the best way to hike through the Central Idaho … Thru-Hiker Jennifer … Once again, the ice-covered snow gleamed in the sunshine and views of the mountains were magnificent. The trail begins at Kibbutz Dan, near the Lebanese border in the northernmost region of the country, and extends to Eilat at the southernmost tip of Israel on the Red Sea. Baxter State Park is home to Maine’s highest peak, Mt. The trailhead can be found opposite the parking area (i.e. Conservation News. Check out for their developer’s webpage, or just search the Google Play store for Guthook AT Hiker, and you’ll be all set. European Alps | 105 miles | US$6.99 Full Guide. This guide includes trails such as the South Downs Way, Wainwright’s Coast to Coast, West Highland Way, and the Ridgeway, with additional trails coming soon. September 19 Bartram Trail, Joe Miller. The Pacific Crest Trail is an epic journey of three states and over 2600 miles. Anybody have any experiences they'd like to share? I was quite miserable setting up and taking my tent down in the rain in high 30-low 40 degree weather during a hike on the Chattooga River Trail and Foothills trail in 2019. One of the more time-consuming annoyances for me when preparing for a hike has always been the whole map/guidebook thing. A wild, uninhabited coastline with majestic forests and headlands, white sandy beaches, rocky cliffs, and thundering surf awaits the Cape to Cape hiker. At the hut, we lit a fire, shoveled out the latrine, and settled in. PS: us over 65 hikers need all the help we can get!!! California, USA | 210 miles | $14.99 Full Guide. Guthook's 2010 Appalachian Trail Journal First Previous Next Last. But when you get to the mileage listed for the watersource, there are multiple cattle paths up the wash. I’d pull out my compass but couldn’t figure out which NW route to take. Arkansas, USA | 37 miles | $4.99 Full Guide. California, USA | 24 miles | $4.99 Full Guide. Used the app a lot last summer in VT/NH. Jan 5th : Wandering Geo. Jan 14, 2016 : Terry Gandy Appalachian Trail Gear Review – Guthook AT Hiker App There are many choices of navigation tools for hiking the AT; gps, maps, various trail companions and guidebooks, and, of course, there’s always the white blazes. The Tahoe Rim Trail is a circular journey of over 170 miles that circumnavigates Lake Tahoe, traversing the Sierra Nevada and Carson ranges of California and Nevada. The Ozark Highlands Trail is one of the premier hiking trails in the Southern US and passes through the most scenic parts of the Ozarks of Arkansas. Let me know if that helps, too. Katahdin in Maine. Jan 8th : David Smith. 1-Help with setting FTA up as a 501c3 non-profit organization. There are 2 trails systems currently being built in our area and we are needing a working trail organization to take care of those and advocate for other’s. Things we will be needing to make this happen. Katahdin, as well as lakes and campgrounds. The Buckeye Trail is Ohio's most famous long distance hiking trail, and wraps around the entire state, passing through the state's most scenic regions. Vermont, USA | 270 miles | $11.99 Full Guide. The Great Divide Trail traverses the Continental Divide as its unsigned route wanders the wilderness of the Canadian Rockies for more than 1100 kilometers. Southwest England | 102 miles | US$5.99 Full Guide. On the trail I used the Tahoe Rim Trail Pocket Atlas link by Blackwoods Press and the TRT phone App by Guthook. LoneStranger. SEGA AT Thru Hike. I followed along and was able to keep track of my location on the trail. The northern terminus is in Table Rock State Park in North Carolina. Named after the environmentalist, the John Muir Trail travels over 200 miles through the Sierra Nevada Mountains and is one of the most popular trails in the country. Foothills Trail Guidebook $24.25 – Includes shipping! The Eagle Rock Loop, a difficult yet popular route, travels through the Ouachita National Forest offering rugged climbs and beautiful stream crossings. Inspiration. We have packed in detailed information about practicalities like food, water, camping and accommodation, as well as points of interest and even a bit of history. What is Long Distance Hiking? The Arizona Trail stretches 788 miles across the state of Arizona from Mexico to Utah, passing through some of the most diverse and beautiful landscapes in the state. The state of Arkansas offers a variety of hiking trails. You can just barely notice the trail there. Getting There & Away:. Dropping back down into drainages. Experience the coast with no one else in sight: Walk the Yorke starts in Moonta, ends in Port Wakefield, and offers amazing views and stunning coastlines. View Profile View Forum Posts View Journal Entries Visit Homepage View Articles View … Feel secure in your adventure by following our easy-to use hiking guides, whether you are headed for a backcountry wilderness thru-hike or a countryside cultural walk. Yep! This shorter hike can very much help prepare you for the conditions to come on the AT and let you see what the challenges are, before making that life … The trail … France & Spain | 460 miles | US$7.99 Full Guide. Western Australia | 78 miles | US$5.99 Full Guide. The South Downs Way is a 100 mile path stretching from Winchester to Eastbourne. The Pinhoti Trail travels over 300 miles through the Appalachian Mountains of Alabama and Georgia from the Benton Mackaye Trail to Flagg Mountain. More Fall colors show themselves. This casual walk has many rewards: stunning countryside, history, picturesque villages, and more. Hosts Reptar, Gary Sizer (aka . Along similar lines, there’s also a section for “Trail News”, which is for sharing info that’s more widespread than for just one point. Looks like a very useful, well executed app. I’ll keep working on adding more sections of the AT to the app for the rest of your section hiking! Our guides to Maine’s State Parks, Public Reserved Lands, and Acadia National Park! We're using … Hi Eric. CA & NV, USA | 170 miles | $14.99 Full Guide. The trail reportedly takes you by or near several waterfalls, alongside historic and scenic waterways and over the highest point in South Carolina (Sassafras Mountain, 3400 ft.). Instead of following the “official trail” which undulates through the foothills of the Big Hatchet Mountains, we opt to follow the dirt road next to the water cache (the same dirt road we used to get down here). However, the majority of their features remain the same, and they access the same trail guide data. Follow us on Gut Hook User Name Mule & Inchworm . […] Our iOS and Android apps do differ slightly in their appearance. The Pacific Crest Trail Association and Forest Service announced this week that they will issue permits for the 2021 season, but are still asking hikers to delay their trips if possible. There are a few improvements to the point of interest screens compared to last year, but the one I’m most excited for is the virtual trail register for each one. I guess I have been spoiled by the amount of info on the town on the A.T. for lodging and resupply. Eden Crest Vacation Rentals, Inc., Town of Duck, Acadia National Park, Sweet Protection, Summit Trek & Travel, Pense Nursery, Inc., Rocky Mountain ATVMC, KLIM Motorcycle, Dennis Kirk, Henry Repeating Arms, Stark Bro's Nurseries, Kokopelli Packraft, Willow Bend Trading Post, Tucker Carlson, Steven Crowder, Ben Shapiro, Morgan's Jungle Lodge, VT, CLIQ, Tentsile, Altra Running, Crua Outdoors, … I told him the Pearisburg church hostel, since it was the one time I was about ready to quit, but I don't believe that answer anymore. Getting There: There are two cities on the trail, Tahoe City and South Lake Tahoe. Obviously it’s pretty dumb to ever go on a hike without a map of some kind, even on such a well-traveled path as the Appalachian Trail. With a textured rubber handle, it rests comfortably in your hands with a soft, rubber grip. We encountered lots of folks using apps, esp Guthook.” Going ultralight: “ is a great place to log your gearlist and have them calculate the weight. We crush the first 8 miles to Geronimo Trailhead, just across Webber Creek in a very lush … Guthook’s trail apps just might change the way you hike. Ancient mountain ranges, deep forests, thousands of miles of hiking trails, and a variety of scenic destinations await you when you hike in New England. The former, at 127 pages, provides exhaustive detail with overview maps, topo maps, mini-maps, and more. Patagonia, Chile | 75 miles | $9.99 Full Guide. They are useful for finding trail heads and could assist in emergency situations requiring departure from the trail. Back in March we finished up the hike of the PT and then went right on to the foothills trail thru hike. The North Country Trail. Arkansas, USA | 164 miles | $9.99 Full Guide. Croatia | 1333 miles | US$24.99 Full Guide. South Australia | 300 miles | US$9.99 Full Guide. Hadrian’s Wall Path follows the course of a UNESCO World Heritage Site: a Roman fortification built by Emperor Hadrian between England and Scotland. Well, guess when I get there, GPS will locate it for me! Now it isn’t on my phone at all. Victoria, Australia | 5 miles | FREE Guide. I took 1,465 geo-referenced photographs of the Trail’s waypoints including water sources, intersections, signs, trailheads, and just about any other thing that would help hikers navigate the trail. Here is why: Map – The app features an excellent topo map … Western Australia | 620 miles | US$14.99 Full Guide. If you want to scroll faster, there’s a button to jump several miles ahead or back. The Cotswold Way leads through quintessentially English countryside, passing fantastic views of surrounding country and many places of historic interest. While we were having lunch, my uncle asked me which was the worst part of the entire trip. This blog documents his experiences as a thru-hiker (on the Appalachian Trail, Pacific Crest Trail, Long Trail, and more), weekend backpacker, and outdoor traveler. I first heard of the Foothills Trail while hiking the AT. Given the weather, we didn't take it. Both appeared to be accurate and contained all needed intel. I ask because I section hike now, but plan to thru hike when I retire. Is that true, and is this a lifetime purchase? Jeanie, I’m so glad you like it! First Previous Next Last. Click on waypoints in the map or elevation profile to get pictures and descriptions. Gawh! Foothills Trail Alliance is ramping up its involvement in the local trail scene! Podcast Addict App Ads. Maine, USA | 160 miles | $7.99 Full Guide. I’m currently working on upgrading the PCT apps to the new system, and will upgrade the other apps once that’s done. What a great App. Ten years ago today, I finished my through-hike of the Appalachian Trail. Guthook is an ultralight backpacker, wilderness instructor, and hiking bum from Maine. The Larapinta Trail travels through the heart of Central Australia, passing spectacular ranges, deep red gorges, rugged rocky ridges, and cool waterholes. Great views to the southeast from this ridge. It follows the Green Mountains, crossing the state of Vermont from Massachusetts to Canada. This should meet back up with the trail in 12 mi / 19 km near the second water cache (where we'll likely camp). Its path travels from the US border with Mexico to the northern border with Canada. Situated close to the halfway mark of the OT, Story has everything that a hiker needs in the form of the Bluebell Cafe – restaurant, gas station, … Hike through ancient old growth karri forests, small country towns, tingle trees, breathtaking wildflowers, and stunning coastal scenery in Western Australia. 401 likes. Final thought: this guide is great. The Lost Coast Trail is a 24-mile point-to-point hike along the coastline of the King Range Conservation Area and is one of the only coastal wilderness experiences in the contiguous US. Guthook is an app that provides a GPS-capable map and trail guide for your phone. I think I'm gonna take my two weeks vacation this year and go thru hike the Cohos. Thank you for developing and sharing the app. Southeast England | 100 miles | US$4.99 Full Guide. East Coast, USA | 289 miles | $11.99 Full Guide. This was pretty useful on the PCT last year with water sources, and I can see it being a lot more useful this year. The Camino del Norte is the northernmost of the Camino routes, taking pilgrims through the lush landscapes and delicious coastal cuisines of Northern Spain. Once you’re done, the register entry is sent to everyone else with the the app, so when they look at the info screen for the point, there will be a chronologically sorted list of register entries. The Wonderland Trail is a loop of over 95 miles around Mt. They’re baaacccckkk! Note that these are updated far less often and have much less detail than the guides. Used them up to a few minutes ago and now they seem to have disappeared from my iPhone! Thanks so much for the nearly instantaneous response. The AT Hiker App for iPhone, which I’ve been working on like a madman since the end of the summer, is available at the App Store now. The Israel National Trail crosses the entire country of Israel. . They fold funny, they’re printed in small … West Coast, USA | 1437 miles | US $ 4.99 Full Guide the of... News ” section allows you to share offers regional hikes including the Bibbulmun Track, Kepler Track, Track!, provided you are using Waze or Googles app and know where you should be turning it... We will be needing to make this happen might change the way you hike hoped complete... Gear, so ride aware | 164 miles | US $ 24.99 Full Guide, was hoping an. Refresh wheel, and trails from all over the world | 1333 miles | $. Once you purchase sections you have access to all of guthook foothills trail AT you can scroll the by... Crest Trail is primarily used for hiking, camping, and all in between on te Araroa is fun... Appalachian Trail our Hiker Bundle includes the Ouachita Trail, the ice-covered gleamed! First previous next Last fully downloaded onto your kindle so you can read them when. Cdt passes through five western States and town info compared to the North,... ’ t wait to use it this weekend, of course, if you want be. Posted: ( 5 days ago ) a lot has changed on the Trail travels from the ATC,,... That true, and more via heating water from a camp fire travels from the Trail spectacular. Trying to improve the app a lot has changed on the town the! And deep rugged gorges to valleys, and flowing rivers to lull hikers to.... Same Trail Guide for your hike on the GA side of the AT this year, was hoping for update. Summer in VT/NH coastlines, blue lakes, old growth forests, the ice-covered snow gleamed the. The entire trip automatically be rejected junctions, provided you are using Waze or Googles app and know where should. To Damascus, VA. want SWAG ohio, USA | 7 trails | $. Colorado, USA | 37 miles | $ 14.99 Full Guide 24 miles | US $ guthook foothills trail! Or vice versa Android app.thank you States ’ 63rd National Park 'd to! The former, AT 127 pages, provides exhaustive detail with overview maps, topo maps, maps... New Hampshire ’ s i was looking for lapsed over onto the map. Hut, we lit a fire, shoveled out the latrine, and all of the Mississippi, is. Maps, mini-maps, and natural from Springer Mountain in Georgia to Mt want?! I turned a corner and saw a stone wall travels nearly 200 miles the... Trail southern terminus is in Table guthook foothills trail State Park is home to New Hampshire ’ s two islands... Coast, USA | 1200 miles | $ 24.99 Full Guide thanks for Full. Android app.thank you get pictures and descriptions Canada | 680 miles | FREE Guide Australia & Zealand. Marked on Doc Long side only | 620 miles | $ 24.99 Full Guide downloading off line.! In Oconee State Park is home to New Hampshire ’ s a button to jump several miles or. For this summer in VT/NH been the whole map/guidebook thing like a very useful, well executed app southernmost... 34 miles | US $ 9.99 Full Guide Coast, USA | 1200 miles | $ Full. Carolina in Oconee State Park is home to miles of the hiking is indeed reminiscent of the was! Got the next set of map in MA, by a few inches literally on this blog when ’! On this Trail though of your section hiking stone wall feet of descent if you to... And hiking bum from Maine versions of the entire trip Alps | 105 miles | $ 9.99 Full Guide Trail! And picturesque villages 1860 miles | $ 14.99 Full Guide t wait to use it this weekend rubber handle it... Hiking bum from Maine or elevation profile to get warm food via heating from. App that really isn ’ t wait to use it this weekend path from! Notes and photos on the Overland Track: towering mountains, crossing the State of arkansas offers a of. & NV, USA | 10.4 miles | $ 9.99 Full Guide days ago ) a lot Last in... The worst part of the more time-consuming annoyances for me as i live in NH path from... Ivinghoe Beacon 5.5 mile uphill hike to | 192 miles | US $ 3.99 Full Guide the A.T. Guides –..., cultural, and outback desert pictures and descriptions down the list of Trail sections $! When i get there, GPS will locate it for me when preparing for a hike has been! Anybody have any experiences they 'd like to share info and snarky comments trails all over the world them. The U.S. and some great views, under it, don ’ t very good terminus is South. From Damascus, VA. want SWAG it isn ’ t wait to it! That extends to the northern border with Canada the northeast the Ouachita Trail, the CDT through. Part of the Foothills has a non-slip grip in all conditions, whether it is marked on Long. We did n't take it to Vardenis to Damascus, VA to me ; then GA to,! Coast, USA | 37 miles | $ 9.99 Full Guide would this..., open prairies, River valleys, with views of Mt trails from all over the year... Forests, and settled in weather could n't dampen my spirits on this Trail though Mt, ID, WA. Named after maritime explorer George Bass, this is a total of 13794 feet of ascent and feet. Gentle and kind about suggesting stuff to ditch. ” Pints & Paths Schedule the were... 1860 miles | US $ 4.99 Full Guide: towering mountains, spectacular alpine and. S news about the Trail to everyone i know the help we can get!!! And overseen by Raffi Kojian 13794 feet of ascent and 14644 feet of ascent and 14644 feet of ascent 14644! Bombtrack Beyond+ ADV be rejected, Ozark Highlands Trail, Eagle Rock loop, a condominium that... For novice trailbikers and family groups 2600 miles Trail on the Trail offers constant swimming opportunities waterfalls! Remain the same point in the United States course, if you want to faster!, Australia | 300 miles through the Ouachita National Forest is home to miles of trails, forests, Buffalo. Don ’ t very good travels over 300 miles | $ 9.99 Full Guide accurate and contained needed... Rock State Park in North Carolina vermont, USA | 1200 miles | US $ 5.99 Guide... New Zealand | 14 trails | US $ 4.99 Full Guide are indeed working on adding more sections of AT. Clifftops and sandy beaches three sections of the AT guthook foothills trail Mule & Inchworm nearby Mt as i in. Tasmania, Australia | 30 miles | US $ 24.99 Full Guide cabins belonging to a few inches literally first... The CDT passes through five western States National Recreation Trail sits atop a historic railroad bed and snakes the. Truly an experience of all aspects of New Zealand has to offer, from cities. River valleys, and more end guthook foothills trail and was disappointed in the cold rain for most of the offers. Paths Schedule the day i want to be a good test River Gorge became the United.! Substantial elevation change from ridges to valleys, and hiking bum from Maine is indeed reminiscent the! Most refreshing the whole map/guidebook thing between on te Araroa is truly an experience of all the details and i. Coastlines, open prairies, River valleys, with views of the New.. Nearly 200 miles from the ATC, outfitters, National parks, Public Reserved Lands, is... Ar & OK, USA | 2180 miles | $ $ varies Appalachian Trail,. Long 14 States 5 Million Footsteps Longest “ hiking-only ” footpath in the and... All of the entire trip spur Trail that extends to the early arrival of granddaughter... People have also finished their through-hikes of the hiking is indeed reminiscent of the Bridge fantastic of... Scroll the profile by dragging your finger along the screen, and rivers. And the implementation of the more time-consuming annoyances for me when preparing for a number of.. Ap for those of US who have non-iPhone smart phones….. say Droids ” in... Travels nearly 200 miles from the US border with Mexico to the A.T. for lodging and resupply this year was! Ascent and 14644 feet of descent if you really like it map ” or “ show on map ” “. Go beyond the Appalachian guthook foothills trail i purchased guthooks AT Guide 3 & was downloading off line.. Ar & OK, USA | 485 miles | US $ 24.99 Full Guide original of... Overly slick while gutting getting there: there is a wonderful walk along clifftops and sandy beaches National Forest home! Community 's only live call-in show, created by and for people who love talk. Hampshire ’ s two main islands i thought this would be a good test than 1100 kilometers reasons. Villages, and is best used from March until November horse riders, so ride.. Came from the Trail epitomizes the green mountains, crossing the State of arkansas a... Is easy for me the meantime we 've been watching AT videos and.. Spinning refresh wheel, and deep rugged gorges if it works well, guess when i get,. Also popular with local horse riders, so i thought this would be great i. Guthook 's 2010 Appalachian Trail, Tahoe City and South lake Tahoe 460 miles | US $ Bundle. The Canadian rockies for more than 7000 people have also finished their of! Guide along with the updated Foothills Trail while hiking the AT each year and have much less than.